At CheapOutdoor they have the best wandelbroek or outdoorbroek for your adventures. Comfortable, durable and quick-drying are the qualities you must have for a wandelbroek. A delicious wandelbroek for great adventures has these options.


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What is hiking pants?

Hiking pants can usually be recognized by the reinforced pieces on the knees and on the back of the pants. These ensure that the pants are extra durable. Outdoor pants or hiking pants are also quick drying, which is a must outside. 

Hiking pants: quick drying for outside

You should not impede hiking pants while walking. A normal pair of trousers needs a longer period of time to dry quickly. Outdoor pants or hiking pants are specially equipped for this to dry quickly after a shower. The hiking pants are also often equipped with a few extra pockets to quickly have small material on hand during the walk.

Many hiking pants are reinforced on the knees and at the back to make the pants even more durable because once you have smelled of nature and the outdoors you want even more. The structure of the pants is constructed in such a way that the pants keep the wind out so that you do not get cold during a hike in the mountains, but also that it dries quickly when the sun starts shining again after a downpour.