List of products by brand Defcon 5

Defcon 5

Defcon 5 is designed for outdoor and military products that are of the highest quality. The name, Defcon stands for devense readiness condition. In the united states in military practice, it is used to reduce the level of a defense and to prepare for peace or war, to a point. The term " Defcon 5 refers to the normal vredessituatie.

The mark Defcon 5 was founded by experienced members of the military, the business world. The brand is well-known in order to be a good value for money and sustainability. The products are on Defcon 5 and are suitable for use by the military, but also by the consumers using it. If you're a prepper, adventurer, hiker or backpacker you to Defcon 5, the highest quality. The products are on Defcon 5 and are made of sturdy and strong material that can withstand heavy-duty wear and tear.

Defcon 5 backpack

The backpacks from Defcon 5 all over the world by police forces and special military units used it. The Defcon 5 and the backpacks are made from durable materials and offer a high quality and ultimately comfortable to wear. Defcon 5 packs can be of professional use to be but it can also be used by ordinary consumers who would like to journey.

The backpacks are on Defcon 5 and can be used in harsh environments. Therefore, the backpacks are ideal for heavy-duty draws. If you have a Defcon 5 backpack to purchase, you can expect the highest level of quality. The backpacks from Defcon 5 to be able to be intensive to be used. Since the militairs and long distances to travel, has a Defcon 5 is sure that their bags are not only functional and sturdy, but also comfortable wearing can offer.

Defcon 5 bivi tent

The bivi tent is on Defcon 5 is a compact, single tent, easy to set up, and is reduced can be provided. The Defcon 5 bivi tent, it is suitable for the most extreme weather conditions to withstand.

The bivi tent, Defcon 5 is wind-resistant and water-proof. The bed has a mosquito net, so you are the night do not suffer from mosquitoes or other insects. In case of bad weather you can have the top fully closed. The Defcon 5 bivi tent is compact and easy to store it in the bivi bag. The Defcon 5 bivi tent, it is well suited for twitching and light-weight to travel.