List of products by brand Bergstop

The Swiss with Bergstop was founded by true outdoor and travel enthusiasts who were looking for new solutions to travel more comfortably and spend leisure time. To offer multifunctional equipment with innovative functions without loss of quality, less weight and at good value for money.

All items are designed together with the employees and testers and are made at BSCI certified suppliers under the strict supervision of experts. The articles are tested according to EU standards.

Sleeping bag and jacket 2 in 1: the Bergstop as a sleeping bag

These Bergstop sleeping bags are conveniently designed because they have sleeves. This way you can lie in any position you want, with your arms free. You stay wonderfully warm in this sleeping bag. They are not heavy, so handy to have in your bag when you go for a walk.

Mountain stop as a jacket or dressing gown: sleeping bag and jacket 2 in 1

What if you have to go to the bathroom at night? Then you first have to crawl all the way out of your sleeping bag, but that is solved with this jacket and sleeping bag in 1! You wake up and you only have to open this sleeping bag at the bottom and roll it up a bit and you can use it as a jacket. You also stay nice and warm, because you don't get out of your sleeping bag, so that heat disappears less quickly.

The Mcroliner is also a perfect solution if you are doing a hut tour in terms of size and weight,  but certainly also for evening or In the morning you can sit on the couch in your Microliner and enjoy the early morning or wonderful evening.