List of products by brand Crua Outdoors

Crua Outdoors: insulated tents

The Irish brand Crua Outdoors was born to develop tents that deliver what you need in all circumstances. By using advanced designs, first-class materials and yet also to remain sturdy and lightweight and also the most up-to-date insulation technology. True top products that, despite all the elements, prevent light and noise pollution from disturbing you and your night's sleep. A private cocoon in the open air is also called.

Crua DuraBreath™: 19 times better insulation than a normal tent

Crua Outdoors' tents are equipped with Crua's DuraBreath™ a microfibre-proof fabric with an R value of 9. The liner is super thin but works great to trap the heat generated by the people in the tent. to hold. This means that the insulation of this construction is 19 times better and 150% better than a luxury camping mattress. In addition, the breathable polycotton used for the inner lining and the flysheet of the tent as well as the TPU laminate on the underside of the flysheet ensures that you don't have to worry about condensation in the tent.

Crua Outdoors: the other advantages

In addition to keeping you warm in the cold periods, the Crua tent can also ensure that it stays cool in your tent when it is warm outside. The insulation works both ways. The insulation of the tent creates an acoustic barrier, which ensures that you keep the noise out. This means that you will no longer be awakened by all the small sounds in the forest or wherever you have set up your tent.

What many people also suffer from in a tent is the light that quickly returns to your tent, whether you are at the campsite where your fellow camping mates are taking a night walk with a flashlight or in the summer early in the morning when the sun shines into your tent. It disrupts your sleep. The inner tent is blackout, so it stays nice and dark. And if you have to get out at night, the guy lines are luminous so you can see them well.