A vuurstarter of CheapOutdoor you can always have a tool to help you get the fire started. The vuurstarter is small, but may nevertheless benefit from all of the conditions for you to start your fire promise. This way, you will quickly get warm.


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What is a fire starter?

A fire starter is a stick of magnesium where you quickly scrape off with, for example, a piece of steel or the back of a knife. This creates small sparks that then have to skip onto the tinder that you have ready to start your fire.

Fire starter: starts a fire under all circumstances

The fire starter is already a tool that has been used in the army for years. The Swedish army invented the tool and nowadays the fire starter is a tool that everyone who makes a fire should not be missing.

In addition to the fire starter name, the tool also has the names firesteel, firestarter or magnesium stick, but the function and use are the same for all. Even under the most difficult circumstances, a fire starter can still provide a spark to start a fire.

Make sure your tinder (dust or small wood chips that catch fire quickly) is ready. Hold your fire starter in one hand and a scraper or knife in your other hand. Now iron over the fire starter and make sure that the sparks end up in your tinder. Then you can slowly increase your fire.