Waterproof backpack

CheapOutdoor supplies the best waterproof backpack for you. Are you going on an adventure or do you often have to cycle through the rain? Then a waterproof backpack is the ideal solution for you. With a waterproof backpack you keep all the water out and your belongings dry.

Waterproof backpack

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What is a waterproof backpack?

A waterproof backpack is a backpack made with special material that repels water and keeps the inside dry. With a waterproof backpack you don't have to interrupt your walk or hike in bad weather, but you can continue walking without your belongings getting wet. A backpack that is waterproof is therefore a good investment for your hiking equipment.

Waterproof backpack: for all watery adventures

When you are outside and it starts to rain, you want to move on quickly and not stand still first. For these moments it is best to use a waterproof backpack. Or how about a wonderful adventure on the water? Even then, a backpack that is waterproof is the right option. A waterproof bag is more convenient than a rain cover over your backpack, because no water can really enter the waterproof bag. With a backpack with a rain cover, water often drips into your bag in a place that is just not closed properly.

What is a waterproof bag made of?

The waterproof backpack is usually made of tarpaulin or PVC. These are fabrics that ensure that the water you encounter along the way stays outside and that your spare set of clothing or important items remain dry. These fabrics feel a bit stiff, but the materials are strong, last a long time and ensure that your backpack remains waterproof.

The waterproof backpack is also often called Drybag. These can also be bags with a rolltop that allows you to close the closure as it were and then secure it with a buckle so that it cannot roll back. The rolltop closes the bag completely watertight. At Cheapoutdoor we have both drybags that you can close with a rolltop, and the regular waterproof backpack in the range.