List of products by brand Chiruca

Chiruca: technologically advanced materials for maximum comfort

A brand of Calzadis Fal. SA, A Spanish company founded in 1965. Chiruca makes all its products with advanced materials for maximum comfort. The company has the most innovative technologies and equipment, ensuring maximum quality at all stages of production. These include Gore-tex, Boa system and Vibram. With all these technologies, Chiruca makes high quality shoes and clothing.

Hiking shoes from Chiruca - wonderful walking with a Vibram sole

The hiking boots from Chiruca provide good support for your feet when you go hiking. This is due to the Vibram sole. This gives a lot of grip and is durable. These shoes also sit well because of the Goretex membrane, this material ensures that your feet do not get wet by water. This makes these shoes waterproof inside and out.

BOA system at Chiruca - never tie your shoelaces again

The BOA system is a special system, so you no longer have to tie your shoelaces. A metal cable runs through the shoe as a kind of lace by means of a reel system. How does it work? First you press the system, then twist it to tighten and then you pull it back. This way your shoe is always easy and fast.