Hiking socks

CheapOutdoor provides the best range of walking socks. In addition to a good pair of hiking boots hiking socks is certainly also important. A right transpiratieafvoer, friction prevention and support are tasks of hiking socks.

Hiking socks

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What are hiking socks?

If you have good walking shoes, you cannot do without good walking socks. A good pair of walking socks keeps your feet dry and prevents blisters while walking. The hiking socks are often made of different fabrics to combine the best of the properties

Walking socks: reduce the chance of blisters

While walking, people often provide a good pair of hiking boots, but they also forget to put on a set of hiking socks and thus increase the chance of blisters.

A good hiking sock removes perspiration by ensuring that this moisture does not stay at your feet but is usually stored on the outside of the hiking socks. A set of walking socks also ensures that you are properly in your shoe so that you do not slide, which in turn reduces the risk of blisters. The hiking socks provide a bit of extra cushioning, especially under the ball of the foot.

In colder weather, the hiking socks provide just a little extra warmth to keep your feet nice and warm while walking.

Nowadays, the walking socks are increasingly anatomically preformed, giving you a real sock for your left foot and one for your right foot. The sock is made in such a way that at the place where you can use support, this is processed in the sock and parts where there must be more moisture drainage. Make sure that the walking socks are on the right foot while walking!