Summer sleeping bag

At CheapOutdoor you can buy the best summer sleeping bags to sleep in during your warmer days. Summer sleeping bags are specially made for the wonderful summer temperatures. Think of temperatures at night between 5 and 15 °C. We offer a wide range and are therefore the ideal place to buy summer sleeping bags!

Summer sleeping bag

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Why buy summer sleeping bags?

Summer sleeping bags ensure that you do not get cold at night with the temperatures mentioned. But certainly not too hot, which is often the case in the summer. The comfort temperature of summer sleeping bags is always above freezing and are therefore not suitable for winters where it freezes.

Summer sleeping bags ensure your comfort

Summer sleeping bags have the ability to regulate the temperature more. While the winter sleeping bag must mainly keep the heat in, summer sleeping bags must also be able to dissipate the surplus heat so that you do not have to sweat all night long. On a very warm evening it is possible to unzip the sleeping bag for extra ventilation.

Summer sleeping bags that suit you

Summer sleeping bags come in both a blanket model and in a mummy sleeping bag. Because temperatures are higher in the summer, it can be nice to use a blanket model summer sleeping bag, as it can provide some ventilation. But if you are a fan of a mummy sleeping bag, that is of course also possible! These variants fit closely to your body and are equipped with a hood. Thanks to the fit, you lose less heat and they are smaller and lighter than other sleeping bags. In short: CheapOutdoor has something for everyone. Choose the summer sleeping bag that suits you and enjoy a good night's sleep in the summer.