Summer sleeping bag

At CheapOutdoor you buy a summer sleeping bag to sleep well during your vacation. A summer sleeping bag is specially made for the wonderful summer temperatures. Taking into account temperatures at night of between 5 and 15 ° C.

Summer sleeping bag

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Why a summer sleeping bag?

The summer sleeping bag ensures that you will not get cold at night with the mentioned temperatures, but also not too hot. The comfort temperature for summer sleeping bags is always above freezing and is therefore not suitable for winters where it is freezing

Summer sleeping bag: regulates your comfort

A summer sleeping bag has the ability to regulate the temperature more. Where the winter sleeping bag mainly has to keep the heat inside, a summer sleeping bag must also be able to get rid of the excess heat so that it does not sweat all night. On a warmer evening, you can open the sleeping bag for extra ventilation.

The summer sleeping bag assumes that the temperature at night is between 5 to 15 ° C above freezing. For a summer sleeping bag, both a blanket model sleeping bag and a mummy sleeping bag are perfectly suitable. Because the temperatures are higher in the summer, it is fine to use a blanket model summer sleeping bag, but also if you like a mummy sleeping bag, that is a great choice!