List of products by brand Urikan

Urikan: equipment for all kinds of outdoor lifestyle

The brand Urikan was created specifically for fans of all kinds of outdoor and recreational activities. They provide a wide range of head torches, binoculars, bags, water proof bags, and backpacks. The various series have been designed by a passionate expert who is also a check out to find them. We know what you're out of the need to have robust equipment for the most demanding of weather conditions.

Urikan binoculars

Urikan supplies binoculars that are made by people who can also be found outside a lot. The binoculars are robust because every outdoor enthusiast knows that binoculars outside during a trip must be able to take a beating and must also withstand the various weather conditions. This is reflected in the various binoculars.

Urikan mono viewers

Besides the binoculars, Urikan also supplies mono binoculars. These are more compact because you only have one lens. Some people like this more and other people don't get along with it. So this is really personal. The fact remains that a monocular is always more compact and therefore easier to carry.