List of products by brand Matt

Matt: movement since 1979

The Matt brand has been on the move since its inception in 1979. Since 1979 they have started with specific products for sports in the snow such as gloves, hats and ski goggles. They used, for example, Goretex to quickly guarantee the quality also for the breathable and waterproof aspect of these items. In addition to exercising in the snow, Matt also focuses on the other outdoor activities that take place in the winter and cold months. 

MATT: And you, are you moving yet?

MATT is a brand that emerged from years of experience from specialized production of shoes to the sports sector to the brand that is now known as MATT. MATT is always on the move, looking for the best materials in combination with sports, movements and interaction with our body together with nature. They design outdoor accessories for safety, comfort and harmony in moments of maximum freedom and to share your passion for outdoor sports with others.

Outdoor accessories: MATT

By using well-known brands such as Goretex, MATT has designed a beautiful line of gloves over the years that can be used for various outdoor sports. Think of skiing, cross-country skiing, running, etc. But of course you can also just go out and not have cold hands, head or neck by using MATT gloves, mittens, hats and neck warmers. The collection of ski goggles are also useful accessories to protect you well in the snow.