List of products by brand Advenate

Advenate: Adventure-Innovation-Nature

A southern German start-up with strong technical roots that use their expertise to develop intelligent and sustainable solutions. As extreme athletes and nature lovers, they make the outdoor sector safer, more efficient and more sustainable with high-tech innovations.

Advenate: Innovative backpacks

Advenate stands for adventure, innovation and nature. They challenge the status quo in the outdoor sector and use the art of technology for the benefit of people and nature. They want to go further than the rest as drivers of innovation, nature lovers and adventurers and ensure that all winter sports enthusiasts, motorcyclists, freeriders and mountaineers stay safe.

Each product from Advenate offers a unique added value for all outdoor fans. In addition to rethinking how to improve existing products, the process to make the products is also analysed. The result is that these products go beyond the well-known limits of quality, durability and functionality so that you can go outside even more.

From nature, for nature; Advenate

The brand only uses materials that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. All substances must be produced in a way that is safe for the environment. And if that is not possible, as a recycling product contribute to reducing waste on our planet.