CheapOutdoor provide the best munitiekisten, both for geocaching and also as a decoration in the living room. Original munitiekist out of the army as a great storage box storage box function, or as a decoration piece in your room.


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What is an ammo box?

In the army, the ammunition (bullets, etc.) is stored in steel crates that are secured with a special clamp. There is a separate size ammunition box for each size ammunition. The boxes are used for storage as well as decoration.

Ammo box: original and sturdy

An ammo box is a sturdy steel box with a special closure. Because these ammunition boxes are actually used in the army, it is possible that there are dents or scratches in the boxes here and there, but this makes them even more unique. None of these ammunition boxes is the same.

We have sometimes had a series with an orange dot on the side that was sprayed with paint. This makes the ammunition boxes even more unique. The ammunition boxes are good to use as a storage box as well as decoration in your room.

A tough ammunition box with a story behind everyone finds it interesting to see. You also encounter a lot of ammunition with geocaching, a large cache with lots of storage options.