CheapOutdoor has the best scarves for during your buitentrip. A scarf ensures that your neck nice and warm during the colder days. By a scarf or nekwarmer to wear you catch no cold.


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What is a scarf?

A scarf is an elongated cloth that you wear around your neck. Nowadays this is not entirely applicable anymore because you can get a scarf in any shape you want. But you always wear a scarf around your neck and keeping warm is still the main goal of the scarf.

Scarf: a wonderfully warm neck in the cold

In the past, the scarf was usually a knitted elongated piece of fabric that you wrapped around your neck. Nowadays you can get scarves in all shapes and sizes.

A scarf's main function is to keep your neck warm. A neck warmer is a perfect solution for this. You put this on over your head and immediately feel comfortable around your neck. Possibly a little tighter by means of a cord.

The fleece used is nice and soft. And when it gets really cold, pull it over your nose and keep everything underneath nice and warm.

The scarves and neck warmers that we have included in the shop are specially made for outdoor activities.