At CheapOutdoor you buy the best hoeklampen for your outside adventure or during a job. A hoeklamp seems to be just on the place where you normally cannot reach. In the army they used to move forward to shine forth from your chest.


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What is a corner lamp?

A corner lamp is a flashlight with a corner in it. This allows you to fix the lamp on your chest for example so that it shines in front of you and the weight of the batteries is carried down. These are lamps that are often used in the army.

Corner lamp: light where you could not reach

In addition to the application as mentioned for the army, a corner lamp is also a lamp that can help you shine in places that you normally cannot reach. By putting the lamp in an upright position and allowing it to shine at an angle of 90 degrees, it just gives light to a place where a normal flashlight does not come.

The more expensive versions of the corner lamp are arranged in such a way that you can turn the entire head and put it down so that you have good light. A number of these corner lamps are equipped with a magnet on the bottom with which the corner lamp can again serve well on a workbench or while working on your car.

A number of compact corner lamps are equipped with multiple colors so that they can also be used to send signals or to use, for example, red light if you do not want to be seen during a dropping or other fun nighttime games.

Many of the corner lamps can also be used as a work lamp in addition to the outdoor activities. A number of lamps are equipped with a small halogen lamp and the rest are equipped with LED lighting.