In CheapOutdoor you will find the best range of opbergcapsules. A opbergcapsule keep small, important items dry when you found out that the activities of the business are. A small storage unit to be waterproof by a rubber o-ring.


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What is a storage capsule?

A storage capsule is a small metal tube in which you can store small items. Because a rubber ring is mounted on the thread of the storage capsule, everything in the storage capsule remains dry. These storage capsules are very handy for on the water.

Storage capsule: store small important items in a dry place

The storage capsules are available in 3 different sizes, S, M and L. Depending on how many small items you have to store, choose one of the three sizes of storage capsules. They are also available in multiple colors, so if you go out with more people you can take a separate color for everyone.

Because the outside of the capsules is made of aluminum, they can take a beating. The rubber ring ensures that the two separate parts remain watertight due to the screwing on. With the key ring you can hang or hang the storage capsule anywhere so that you do not lose it on the way.