CheapOutdoor delivers the best duikzaklampen also good water. A duikzaklamp ensures that you will see while diving. When, for instance, wrecks or viewing of objects can be a duikzaklamp well.


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What is a diving flashlight?

A diving flashlight is a flashlight that is specially equipped for underwater use. A diving lamp is equipped with extra rubbers to seal everything properly so that no moisture can reach the battery.

Dive flashlight: a flashlight for underwater

A diving lamp is mainly used at night or while diving for wrecks or objects. A diving lamp has the best effect with clear water, with turbid water it is as if it is foggy and the diving flashlight will shine a lot less.

The diving lights are supplied with extra rings that are incorporated in the flashlight, to ensure that the electrical circuit of the diving lamp remains dry during diving. If you change the battery in these lamps you will often see the double rings that you recognize that these diving flashlights are especially for underwater.

A wrist strap is usually made on the underside of the diving flashlight where the diving lamp can be secured around your arm so that you will not lose it under water.

To communicate with other divers under water, a diving flashlight can also function well. Think of the well-known circle that everything is fine or the vertical movement that something is wrong. The divers you dive with will then in turn let you know with light signals that they have understood you.