Hand warmer

CheapOutdoor the best market prices, handwarmers. If you regularly suffer from cold hands, is a hand warmer as a result. The handwarmers have been used many times and will keep your hands nice and warm.

Hand warmer

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What is a hand warmer?

A hand warmer is an object that you can hold between your hands so that they can warm up when they have become cold. The hand warmers can be used more than once, so enjoy your warm hands.

Hand warmer: warming up

With handwarmers you can warm up your hands if you regularly have cold hands. We supply two different types of hand warmers.

The first is a plastic ball with a liquid in it and a metal circle. If you let this round click, the liquid becomes nice and warm and you can warm your hands to it. When the hand warmer has cooled down, it has hardened. If you then place it in hot water, everything becomes fluid again and you can use the hand warmer again at a later time.

Second is the hand warmer with the carbon rod. Light this and then keep glowing in the box with which you can warm up your hands. If the stick burns out, put a new stick in it and you can warm your hands again next time.