CheapOutdoor it is best to offer these devices. A lock for your suitcase and lock that in just over a bluetooth connection to an app to open it with, and the people with whom you have the code to share. A good lock to fit your equipment.


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What is a padlock?

A padlock is a lock with a bracket that is pulled through two eyes. With a small padlock you can lock your suitcase and with a large padlock you can close a door or a gate.
By sharing your code you can open the bluetooth padlock.

Padlock: keeps your belongings safe

By using a padlock you can safely store your belongings. A padlock with a combination of numbers on your suitcase or backpack ensures that no one can just look in your suitcase or backpack. We also have the special TSA version that you need when you travel to America

In addition to the small compact padlocks, we also have a number of larger padlocks that you can open or close through an app. The lock responds to your bluetooth in combination with a code. If someone else also has the app you can send your combination so that this person can also open the lock. No key required, so you do not keep driving back and forth, but you give permission from the comfort of your armchair.