In CheapOutdoor you can buy the best bivi tent for your trip. The bivi tent, it is ideal if you like a dry, sleep-but not too much weight for them to take. Lightweight bivi shelter is also supplied in a handy bivi-bag, so that the bivi is very compact when traveling.


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Combine the bivi tent with the bivi bag

The bivi tent is also called a tent because of the poles that provide a raised headboard. Thanks to these lightweight poles you can sleep comfortably in your bivi. Furthermore, the bivi tent can be set up and rolled up again in no time. You keep the bivi in ​​the so-called bivi bag, specially designed for this lightweight tent.

For which traveler is the bivi tent suitable?

A bivi tent is suitable for every traveler who likes to travel light! A bivi tent is an ultra-compact tent that is ideal for adventurers who want to go out. The bivi tent is so easy to use because it is compact and lightweight. That way you don't have to worry as much about the total weight that you carry with you during a draw. At lower temperatures you can use a sleeping bag in your bivi tent, but at higher temperatures you can also sleep well in the bivi tent without a sleeping bag. The bivi tents of CheapOutdoor are waterproof, compact to fold in the bivibag.