List of products by brand Extremities

Extremities: renew your limits

The Extremities brand has been innovating and improving since 1982 with the gloves, gaiters, socks and hats they have been supplying for 40 years. By using proven materials, the products of Extremities perform under the most extreme conditions. The articles have been put to the test by explorers and record-breaking outdoor athletes who have been to the ends of the world and to the most extreme places on earth.

Extremities: Redifine your Limits

Extremities is a brand that focuses on gloves, hats, gaiters and socks. Thanks to their 40 years of technical knowledge of fabrics and materials, they attach great importance to the quality of the products they develop for the most extreme conditions. Whether you have to climb a cliff, run a grueling route or train for the Olympics, Extremities has a glove for everyone.

All Extremities products have been tested in real environments where they have been put to the test. Extrimities helps you redefine your boundaries.

40 years of experience in extreme places: Extremities

The well-known brand technologies such as Primaloft and Gore-Tex are incorporated into the Extremities articles. Through decades of testing, they know the limits of fabric technology and outperform some of the biggest brands in the outdoor industry.