List of products by brand Ivanhoe of Sweden

A family business in 1946 in Gällstad is established. This district is known as the breicentrum of Sweden. With several generations of experience, they provide the basis and functional clothing. The traditional materials of wool and cotton with different knitting and weaving techniques. And all of this with the original European wool. No synthetic wool from the far east, but the real wool of European sheep.

Ivanhoe of Sweden: Why wool? Wool is great!

Wool used to be a thing of the past that your grandmother used to knit your Christmas sweater. Today it is the trendiest, eco-friendly textile on the market. In the collections of Ivanhoe of Sweden almost only wool is used. Wool is a natural material making it one of the most sustainable sources of material in the world.

Because wool is a living material that adapts to your body temperature, it is really a great material for clothing. When it's cold, your body's heat is trapped in the millions of microscopic air sacs that occur naturally in wool. When it is warm, on the other hand, moisture and body heat are absorbed by the wool and removed from the body. Wool can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture, is odor resistant by nature, breathable and more elastic than synthetic fibres.

Sustainable clothing: Ivanhoe of Sweden

Sustainable clothing is not only about the right fibers and materials, but also how the manufacturer acts, what choices they make, where they are located, etc. Ivanhoe of Sweden produces its clothing in its own factory in Gällstad, and with partners in Europe, resulting in a very transparent collaboration. Due to production in Europe, this results in shorter transport times, which immediately has a lower impact on the environment. By using modern knitting techniques and new blends you get a better durability of the clothing.