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Husky camping equipment

Husky is a Czech company founded in 1997 to produce and market camping equipment, backpacks for tourists and sportswear. From the beginning Husky has focused on originality and quality of the products. They do this by using high-quality materials and keeping the development and design of Husky outdoor camping gear in their own hands.

Husky outdoor products

Husky products are divided into four basic categories: Husky tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and sportswear. These basic categories are further subdivided into different subgroups. The Husky tent is divided into the following subgroups: classic, family or camping tents, but also the more "extreme" line of Husky tents for mountain expeditions.

For backpacks, Husky has different outdoor and indoor styles. They have school backpacks, special backpacks, daypacks and also large backpacks for expeditions or multi-day treks. For the sleeping bags you have lightweight Husky outdoor sleeping bags for example on the bike, the slightly heavier for the traditional camping, but also the "extreme" Husky outdoor products that can protect you in frost of about 30 degrees below zero.

And finally, the Husky outdoor sportswear is of course divided into the men's, women's and children's lines. Active outdoor clothing is mainly made here for leisure activities in the countryside, in the mountains or in the city.

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Husky's newly developed products are regularly tested and tried out. Not only in a laboratory, but also during various expeditions and excursions. In this way, Husky's outdoor products are tested as well as possible. In addition, promising athletes, mountaineers, water sports enthusiasts, skiers are supported with Husky products. Being outside is not only business, but also a wonderful outdoor life for everyone.

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