CheapOutdoor delivers the best assortment breekstaafjes at night with a little bit of light or at a party to be able to swing. The breekstaafje is also known breeklicht or glowstick called.


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What is a breaking bar?

A breaking rod is a transparent plastic tube in which by breaking it mixes the liquids with which a reaction is created that emits light. The stick will stay intact and will burn for quite a few hours.

Breaking bar: cozy light in your tent

You have a breaking bar in all kinds of different colors, which always makes it a bit happier than a flashlight. Whether you are at a party or want to highlight a location during a nightly trip or just want to have a small light in your tent in the evening, a breaking bar is ideal for this.

By breaking the rod with the liquids a kind with which you hear a crack in the rod, the liquids mix. Sometimes you have to shake a little and then you have a nice colored light stick or glow stick for hours.

In addition to the use of these breaking bars in the army or during parties and concerts, the breaking bars are also easy for a night of fishing or a trip with a tent. When you have set up your tent you break a light and you have a cozy light in your tent for hours.