Lightweight tent

CheapOutdoor delivers the best lightweight tent for your trip. A lightweight tent is also called trekkerstent called is very useful when you go on holiday with the bike, motorbike or by foot. The lightweight tent is quick dry and takes up little space in your luggage.

Lightweight tent

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What is a lightweight tent?

A lightweight tent starts from approximately 1.5 kilos and is available in 1-person, 2-person and 3-person versions. Due to the low weight, these lightweight tents are ideal for when you can take little luggage with you, such as when you go hiking, cycling or on a motorcycle.

Lightweight tent: compact and quick to set up

Thanks to the compact size, the lightweight tent can also be set up quickly and dismantled, which is great if you are only in one place for one night. A lightweight tent is also made in such a way that it dries quickly, which is also nice for short stays. Many of these tractor tents are made of polyester with the advantage that the fabric is lightweight, dries quickly and is less sensitive to mold than cotton.

The lightweight tent is a lot more compact than a normal tent. This is useful for when you are looking for a place but good ventilation is also important, for this purpose ventilation screens have been fitted in the tents so that you are less bothered by condensation on the inside of your tent.