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Source Outdoor

SOURCE (Shoresh in Hebrew) was founded in 1989 by Yoki Gill and Daniel Benoziliyo and now employs more than 200 employees. Source Outdoor has always been at the forefront of hydration and sandal technology. Over the past 20 years, Source has become known in the Tactical Gear, Hiking Sandals, Hydration and Travel Accessories categories worldwide. The products are sold in more than 25 countries around the world. The products are produced according to the ISO 9001 standard at the Tirat-Carmel home base in Israel.

Source hydration

At CheapOutdoor we supply Source Outdoor mainly hydration articles from the range. Source's unique technology takes a big step forward and offers clean, healthy and easy solutions for when you are on the road a lot.

By using technologies such as the Widepac closure with which you can easily fill and clean, the Taste-Free system for a pure taste and not the well-known plastic taste, the Grunge-Guard technology inhibits the bacteria growth in the reservoir and drinking tube for longer life. The Glass-Like technology also prevents the formation of biofilm and thus the system is almost self-cleaning, this in combination with Grunge-Guard makes the Care-Free technology that makes cleaning almost unnecessary.

Source sustainable and responsible

Source has strong links and responsibility to the community and strengthens and promotes the idea of ​​a sustainable local economy. Each year, with 5% of the net profit, they help social or environmental activities in the nearby community.

Source Outdoor creates top quality travel equipment that reflects their values ​​and meets the real needs of the people engaged in outdoor activities and those who travel around the world. They ensure that the equipment makes the customers' journey even richer and more comfortable, but also that the equipment becomes indispensable and part of the travel equipment. Embark on an outdoor adventure enthusiastically and passionately with Source.

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