List of products by brand Hannah Outdoor

In the eighties, the idea for Hannah Outdoor arise. Hana Zachariasova was a fanatic enthusiast of climbing and in the weekends there are often to be found between the rocks with her friends.

For this hobby, were also first-class materials in Czech republic at that time were available. To solve this problem, she began with the making of the sleeping bags, coats, etc. for her friends. This is in 1991, has grown to become the company Hannah Outdoor. A company that understand the business with high-quality clothing, tents, hiking poles, sleeping bags etc.

Hannah Outdoor: Comfort is one day ahead of tomorrow

Hannah Outdoors stands for comfort in the mountains, whether it's the clothes, the tents or the sleeping bags. They believe that comfort does not stand still and tomorrow can be a step further than today. By constantly pushing the boundaries and taking on the challenges, Hannah Outdoors is always on the move. They want to support everyone who wants to be one step further tomorrow than today.

Hannah Outdoors: high-quality equipment and outdoor clothing

Production at Hannah Outdoors uses high quality materials, making the gear and clothing ready for any new adventure. They have one goal in mind: “To help people overcome any limit and achieve any goal.” Products that offer maximum comfort and are functional during the toughest tours. With this they create better conditions on demanding tours. And a customer can only concentrate on one thing and that is moving forward!