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Vapur has as its mission, active lifestyles, inspire and support with innovative, ultimately portable, products. The company was founded in 2009 in California with a great idea with a simple solution. A lot of waste from all the plastic was one of the issues which fixed had to be. In september of that year, they designed the Vapur Anti-Bottle is a reusable water bottle what to roll when he was empty, and stood up when full.

What began as a passion-filled hobby of three individuals has grown to become a global company, "Live flecibel".

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Vapur: Inspiring an active lifestyle with wearable products

Vapur's mission is 'to inspire and support an active lifestyle with innovative, ultimately wearable products. Live flexibly.' The company was founded in 2009 in California, United States. In these years it has become known for its innovative foldable water bottles. Vapur focuses on designing durable, reusable water bottles that can be easily collapsed, rolled or flattened when empty. This makes it an ideal water bottle for people on the go such as travelers, athletes, and adventurous people.

Reusable and environmentally friendly: Vapur

Vapur's foldable water bottles are the solution for all water bottles that are thrown away. By folding or rolling up this water bottle, you can take it with you in a very small size and it will take up little to no space in your bag when it is empty. The water bottles are lightweight and BPA-free.