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What is a compass?

A compass is a tool that always points north. With this you can determine your location together with a map and also set a route how you should walk. This is done by means of a magnetic needle pointing north in the compass.

Compass: determine your location via the north

The compass is a centuries-old invention. Who has not made a needle with a magnet in school and placed it in the water? In short, this is also what a magnet does. This always indicates the north.

If you now know where the north is, you can map out your route using a map.

With a compass you have to be careful that you do not get too close to another magnet because that will make the compass work less well or will no longer indicate the right side at all. In addition, you must carry a compass in your hand luggage on the plane and never place a compass in the full sun. This causes the fluid in the compass to expand and shrink, which can result in damage to the compass.