List of products by brand Mora of Sweden

Since the 18th century local craftsmen knives in and around the Swedish town of Mora. It is a long tradition of craftsmanship passed on from generation to generation. And this craftsmanship was with the rest of the world shared when Frost-Erik Erson, the first factory in 1891, founded on the outskirts of Mora. Thus was laid the basis for the company and the brand Morakniv as we know it today.

Handmade - Morakniv knives 

The Morakniv knives from Sweden are of high quality and are sometimes still made by hand. The price-quality ratio of a Morames is perfect. Because the production process takes place in Mora (a place in central Sweden), they have full control over the production. Morakniv can guarantee that every knife meets the standards. And you will notice that in the use of these quality knives.

Mora knives and axes – quality from Sweden

In the range of CheapOutdoor you will find the Morakniv knives and axes. The Mora knives and axes have a good position in the hand, making them nice tools to work with. The blades are fixed, which means that they do not close like a pocket knife. This makes them sturdier to work with than a folding knife. This is useful if you are going to survive, bushcraft or have other activities in nature.