A fixed blade

In CheapOutdoor you can buy the best fixed blade for bushcraft or a survival trip. Go for a workout in for an adventure, take it to the right stationary knife in order to make your time in the nature run smoothly.

A fixed blade

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What is a fixed knife?

A fixed knife is a survival or outdoor knife that you cannot buckle like a pocket knife. Because a fixed knife cannot just fold shut, a fixed knife is also more robust and certainly ideal for bushcraft, survival or other outdoor adventures.

Fixed blade: the right tool for outside

Whether you just go into the forest for a nice walk or you really go into the forest or the mountains to go surviving or do buschcraft, a fixed knife is very handy for these activities.

The biggest advantage with a fixed knife is that it cannot simply close under any circumstances. Certainly with the coarser work that you usually perform with a good fixed knife, this is a requirement.

For applications where people have to work with a knife all day long, a fixed knife is a better solution than a pocket knife.

Making a fire, making your place for the night, making your own tools from wood, all these activities can easily be done with a good fixed knife.