At CheapOutdoor you can buy the best headlamps for your trip. There are two different types of lamps: flashlights and headlamps. A headlamp is ideal during a hike to keep your hands free or in the tent in the evening. A holstered flashlight is very convenient if you occasionally need light or have your hands free.


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What is a headlamp?

A headlamp is an electric lamp that you can wear on your head. Nowadays, the headlamps are equipped with LED lighting so that you have more light at your disposal with less energy. These lamps use an internal battery or batteries so that you can use the amount of light for a long time. A headlamp can also offer a solution at home if the light goes out or if you have to be in a place where there is no light.

A light at hand at any location

By always carrying a headlamp with you during your outdoor adventures, you always have light at hand when you need it. By wearing the LED headlamp strap around your head, the light is always focused on what you are looking at. This makes them very suitable for tours that take place partly in the dark. If you want to buy a headlamp, you've come to the right place. Due to the wide range, there is always a suitable headlamp that you can buy. Do you have questions about one of our products? Our expert employees are happy to help you! Fill in our contact form or send us an email!