At CheapOutdoor you buy the best flashlight for your trip. There are two different types of lamps: flashlights and headlights. A headlight is ideal during a walking tour to keep your hands free or in the tent in the evening. A flashlight with holster is very easy if you occasionally need light or have your hands free.


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What is a head lamp?

A head lamp is a flashlight that you wear on your head. The lamp comes with an elastic band that you wear on your head. Often the batteries or the battery are processed so that you wear it at the back of the head lamp.

Head lamp: hands free and yet light

Who does not know that you are working on something where you just miss a little light. With a flashlight in your hand, you just can't do your work or view the map. Or how about catching the fish in the middle of the night that you have been waiting for so long and your flashlight just rolls away. A head lamp offers the solution everywhere.

The head lamp is attached to the elastic band that you wear on your head at the front of the lamp. With this, the flashlight always radiates for you with which you can illuminate everything well for you. Most headlamps are tiltable so that you can let them shine quickly with one hand. This allows you to view the map, for example.

The headlights of today are often just as bright and good as the flashlights. The used LED lighting works well in this. You can often use the main lamp long enough with a battery.

Also with the head lamp, the number of lumens says how bright the head lamp is. Pay close attention to the used battery because the special batteries deliver more lumen than a normal battery.