In CheapOutdoor you can buy the best documentenmappen if you are going on a long trip. You will pass a good store or card store, do you have a documents folder. The documents will ensure that you have all of the papers are smooth and can carry on without all the wrinkles, when you need them.


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What is a document folder?

A document folder is a folder where you can store documents. If you take your papers loose in your backpack, everything is crumpled afterwards and sometimes you cannot find everything again. A document folder ensures that everything is stored in a structured way

Document folder: structure and no paper lost en route

With a document folder you can store all your travel documents and maps in a structured way. This allows you to quickly find everything if you need it or just open your map to see if you are still on the right route.

In this series there are also plastic holders for the bicycle where you can store documents or a telephone. This also prevents the documents or your phone from getting wet when it rains. The loose plastic covers also prevent your documents from getting wet, but are also suitable for storing other small items. With these plastic covers you cannot prevent your papers from wrinkling.