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Löffler clothing

In search of clothing by Löffler? If you are in the CheapOutdoor to the right place. Loeffler is an Austrian brand that is mainly focused on bikewear. The brand offers high quality clothing for both professional and amateur athletes.

The origin of Loeffler

In 1947, Loeffler was established in the Advised in the first instance, principally of tights and hosiery for women made. In 1973, Löffler was sold to the well-known skimerk Fischer, who also Advised it was settled. They have to have the line converted to a sportkledinglijn, and from that moment on, Loeffler is a world-renowned brand is now. Loeffler has his own factory, wherever they are on their own innovative ability is more and more able to develop in the area of materials and design of the attire.

Bike gear Loeffler to buy

Would you like to have the suitable cycling clothing from Loeffler to buy? In our product range we sell in addition to Loeffler cycling clothing, there are also bags and jeans of the brand. Each of Loeffler garment has a unique design.

Loeffler: Responsibility, quality and innovation

These are the three words Loeffler stands for: responsibility, quality and innovation. They develop high-quality clothing for endurance sports. Sportswear with function in every fiber, sustainably produced in Austria. And Loeffler is constantly trying to improve itself, which you will see in the collections for next year.

With responsibility, Loeffler stands for consciously sustainable and fair production in Austria, short transport routes, clean environment and stands for the highest social standards. The quality is reflected in the extensive expertise of the employees, the development and production of our own materials and the highest quality standards: the unique Löffler quality. And last but not least is the innovation with the function of continuously improving the products.

Traditionally innovative: Löffler

Loeffler stands for traditionally innovative, which means that they stick to the values ​​they are convinced of, but are also always looking for new technologies. The many athletes who enjoy both winter sports clothing and cycling clothing from Loeffler at a high level will certainly agree.