Mosquito net

At CheapOutdoor you can buy the best mosquito net for traveling. The mosquito net ensures that you will not be disturbed by annoying insects at night. In some countries it can even lead to health problems. For extra protection against dangerous mosquitoes and insects, we offer impregnated mosquito nets. Choose the best protection and order a mosquito net at Cheap Outdoor!

Mosquito net

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What is a mosquito net?

A mosquito net is a net that hangs above your bed in most cases to keep mosquitoes and other insects away. A mosquito net is also called mosquito net. Mosquito net and mosquito net mean exactly the same thing and can be used interchangeably. The word mosquito net comes from the Indonesian word 'kelambu', which literally means "just above your bed". You hang the net above your bed and then fall completely over your bed, protecting you against the insects. We offer foldable mosquito nets that come with a storage bag where you can store the mosquito net. This way you are better protected against those annoying critters everywhere you go, even in your lightweight tent!

Impregnated mosquito nets

In addition to ordinary mosquito nets, there are also impregnated mosquito nets. These are recommended for protection against disease-carrying insects. Raincoats are impregnated to repel water. Mosquito nets are impregnated with permethrin, deltamethrin or another contact insecticide to repel or incapacitate the insects. These substances are of course harmless to humans, but help to keep mosquitoes and other insects away from the net. This way you prevent these critters from getting in through a small hole.

Sleep undisturbed and safely with mosquito nets from Cheap Outdoor

The mosquito net ensures that you will not be disturbed at night by a mosquito buzzing around your head. In areas of malaria and/or dengue it is better to buy an impregnated mosquito net or mosquito net. The nets are compactly stored in a bag, which means that they fall into the mobile mosquito net category. They are easy to carry in your bag. The mosquito nets are available in single and double sizes. There are also more compact travel mosquito nets for in your backpack during a hike where you only need a net over your sleeping mat. The mosquito nets are suitable for outside, but then you need something to hang the mosquito net on. With a mosquito net you are protected against mosquitoes and mosquitoes in every camping situation while sleeping for a good night's sleep.

Buy mosquito net?

Do you want to buy a mosquito net? Then take a look at what requirements it must meet for your trip or situation. All our mosquito nets are mobile and suitable for outdoor use. What you should pay particular attention to before buying a mosquito net is the size of the net (how many people do you want to protect with the net). In addition, it is important to check whether you want an ordinary or an impregnated mosquito net. A mosquito net that is impregnated is recommended in areas where mosquitoes carry malaria or insects that carry other dangerous diseases.