Sleeping mat

CheapOutdoor has a selection of the best sleeping pads. By using a sleeping mat, also called an air mattress, you ensure a wonderful night's sleep. This means that a compact and lightweight sleeping mat fits perfectly in your backpack during your trip.

Sleeping mat

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What is a sleeping mat?

In addition to a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat is an important part of a good night's sleep. Because there is air between the ground and you, you are insulated and you do not lose any heat to the ground. Or do you get cold because of the surface? In addition, a sleeping mat also protects against uneven surfaces.

Sleeping pad: compact and comfortable when traveling

Sleeping mats are ideal for when you go camping. A sleeping mat is very useful if you travel with a backpack. Large air mattresses are difficult to transport and massive. A lightweight sleeping mat, on the other hand, is nice and easy to have during a tour. It is therefore a good investment to buy a sleeping mat. A thicker sleeping mat provides more comfort, but a thinner version is often a lightweight sleeping mat and therefore easier to transport. It is therefore important to make a decision and consider under what circumstances you will use the sleeping mat.

Self-inflating sleeping mat

The old air mattresses have made way for the modern self-inflating sleeping mat. With a sleeping mat that is self-inflating, you will be in bed in no time. As soon as the valves of the self-inflating sleeping mat are opened, the mat fills up with air. If you need the sleeping mat to be a little firmer, you can inflate it a little more yourself. A self-inflating sleeping mat is nice, because you don't have to bring a pump or inflate the entire air mattress yourself.