Sleeping mat

CheapOutdoor has the best selection sleeping mats. By making use of a sleeping mat (also known as an airbed called) make for a wonderful night's sleep. A compact sleeping mat fits well in your backback during your trip.

Sleeping mat

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What is a sleeping mat?

In addition to a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat or air mattress is also an important part of a good night's sleep. The old air beds have been replaced by modern sleeping mats that inflate themselves. Because there is air between the ground and you, you are isolated and you do not lose any heat on the surface.

Sleeping mat: compact and comfortable when traveling

A sleeping mat is very useful if you are traveling with a backpack. The large air mattresses are more difficult to transport than a compact sleeping mat. And with the self-inflatable system of the sleeping mat you lie in your bed faster than with an air mattress. If you travel a lot, a sleeping mat is the best solution to replace your mattress.

Allowing the mat to inflate itself creates natural insulation. If you like more comfort, you opt for a thicker sleeping mat and if you go for light travel, you opt for a thinner version with which you lose back on your comfort. If you inflate the mat slightly after inflating it yourself, use the most optimal of the sleeping mat.