At CheapOutdoor you buy the best campinglamp. You go with the tent on the path then you take a compact campinglamp that you can hang in the tent. With the caravan you can a larger campinglamp lost on a table.


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What is a camping lamp?

A camping lamp is a lamp for the camping. Usually in the form of a lantern that you can wear if you have to go to the toilet for a while but can also put it down on the table with a nice drink and some goodies.

Camping lamp: portable lighting at the campsite

At the campsite you don't want too much light, but you want to be able to read a bit or play a game. For this you use the camping lamp. For when you go away with the caravan we have larger lanterns in the range that you can take to the toilet and then put on the table to read your book.

In the tent you use a smaller camping lamp that you can hang up, change your clothes and then go to sleep. Or just continue reading your book just like in the caravan. These more compact versions of the camping lamp are much lighter and smaller for easy use in the backpack.

Also very handy is the version with solar that you can fold small. You can hang it on your bag all day so that it can charge while you walk and in the evening it can act as a camping lamp to enjoy the nice day in front of your tent.