Shelter tent

CheapOutdoor has the best range if you're looking for a shelter tent. If you're strolling along and suddenly puts the wind up and the rain quickly come closer can be a noodtent or shelter tent.

Shelter tent

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What is a shelter tent?

A shelter tent is a tent that you can use in an emergency. If you are out and about in the mountains, the weather can quickly change. Even if you are walking in the polder and the weather changes, there is not always a place to hide. The shelter tent offers a solution here.

Shelter tent: better at than unplanned

Everyone likes to walk in the nice sunshine, but there are times when the weather can suddenly change. An emergency tent or shelter tent is a good solution for these cases. These shelter tents can be set up quickly and will keep you dry. They are not large comfortable tents to sleep in or spend days in, but they do what they are made for, offer accommodation in emergency situations or moments that you did not see coming.

The tents are available for several people. If you are in pairs, you can both sit on one side with which you hold the tent up. The shelter tent is in a sigh and offers protection against wind and weather.