Shelter tent

As soon as the wind moves, the rain comes quickly, so a noodtent of shelter tent can come. Onze noodtenten and sheltertenten zijn made of light material, which was then eenvoudig in je uitrusting meegenomen can be. Bekijk here ons assortment aan nood- en sheltertenten.

Shelter tent

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What is a shelter tent?

A shelter tent is a tent that you can use in emergencies. It is a simple camping tent that can be easily set up in no time. When you are out in the mountains, the weather can change quickly. But even when you are walking in the polder, there is not always a place to hide. Shelter tents offer the ideal solution here. Make sure you go well prepared.

Many benefits from an emergency tent

If you are someone who often takes walks through nature, purchasing a shelter tent is definitely recommended. It offers certainty that you can take shelter. Of course, it is absolutely not pleasant if you get wet by rain during your walk, because you cannot find shelter. At such times you benefit enormously from a shelter tent, because it keeps you dry. A good emergency tent or shelter tent should not be missing from your equipment.

Shelter or emergency tent: better to bring than to waste

Everyone likes to walk in the nice sun, but there are times when the weather can suddenly change. These shelter tents are quick to set up and keep you dry. Shelter and emergency tents are not spacious, comfortable tents to sleep or spend days in, so keep that in mind. Our shelter tents and emergency tents are available in various sizes, so you can take shelter with several people when the need is urgent. Don't be faced with any surprises and make sure you go into nature well prepared.