Small backpack

CheapOutdoor has the best offer for a small backpack. With a small backpack is a daypack or small backpack meant. Backpacks for everyday use or for a tour of a day fall under the small backpack.

Small backpack

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What is a small backpack?

All backpacks that are smaller than a large backpack are placed under the small backpack. The small backpack is a backpack that you use for daily use with traveling or when you go out for a day.

Small backpack: a bag for daily use

The small backpack goes up to a maximum of 45 liters and makes it possible to carry all your things on your back. This keeps your hands free. The small backpack is also called a daypack or hiking backpack. This backpack offers enough space to store all the things you will need along the way.

Nowadays the smaller backpacks are also equipped with padded shoulder straps, hip straps and sometimes even with a chest strap. By also applying this to the small backpack, these backpacks also carry comfortable even with a little more weight.

Most small backpacks are equipped with a ventilated back, which ensures that you stay dry and cool while walking.

A small backpack can also be used as a school bag or during a city trip