At CheapOutdoor you can buy the best hammocks to relax. Whether you are looking for a hammock for home, camping or survival, you will find it all at CheapOutdoor! Lying in your hammock at home or setting up your hammock after a nice walk during your holiday and relaxing, both are enjoyable.


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What is a hammock?

The hammock is an invention of the Taíno Indians. They used the hammock as a place to sleep and not as we are used to now. Currently, people mainly buy a hammock for camping, when they go on a survival trip or for the garden. But if you are going on a trip and you know that you have options to hang your hammock, this is a good solution to leaving your sleeping mat at home. With a hammock you don't need much to take a quick nap. This is why people buy hammocks.

What should I pay attention to when buying a hammock?

A hammock is the ultimate bed to enjoy your freedom. Because the hammock is compact when you store it, it can easily be taken with you in your backpack instead of a sleeping mat. The weight is of course also very low, which certainly appeals to people who like to travel light. There are many types of hammocks that you can buy. It is therefore wise to check in advance in which situation you will use the hammock. This way you know what to look for in a hammock. For example, a camping hammock has different functions than a survival hammock. In our range, for example, we also have a hammock with a roof so that you can sleep dry, which is ideal for a survival trip. But there is something for everyone, enjoy your freedom with a hammock during your holiday or at home in the backyard!