At CheapOutdoor to buy the best hammock for your vacation or for home. A hammock provides the ultimate feeling. At home in your hammock, or while you are on holiday after a nice walk your hammock up and relax, both is enjoy.


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What is a hammock?

The hammock is the invention of the Taíno Indians, they used the hammock as a place to sleep and not like we are used to much now. If you are going on a trip and you know that you have possibilities to hang your hammock, this is a good solution to leave your sleeping mat at home. You don't need much with a hammock to take a quick nap.

Hammock: the ultimate enjoyment of your freedom

A hammock is the ultimate bed to enjoy your freedom. Because the hammock is compact when you put it away, it can also easily be carried in your backpack instead of a sleeping mat. The weight is of course very low, which certainly appeals to people who enjoy traveling light. In our assortment we also have a hammock with a roof so that you can sleep dry. Enjoy your freedom with a hammock during your vacation or at home in the back garden.