List of products by brand Dowabo

Dowabo: double walled geinsulated steel drinking bottle

A German brand that originated in 2015. A bunch of active people who liked to go out with their favorite drink. All those environmentally damaging plastic and cardboard cups and bottles became too much for them and with that the idea for a new design arose. After trying out many different thermos cups, there were many leaks, or changed the taste of the drink. From these experiences came the Dowabo that keeps your drinks warm for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours.

A better environment with the Dowabo single-wall thermos flask

CheapOutdoor has both double-walled and single-walled dowabo bottles. The single-walled bottles are lighter in contrast to the double-walled bottles. The bottles are the same size, but the single-walled one fits just a little more water. Dowabo bottles are much more sustainable and better for the environment. No more plastic bottles! Take this bottle with you on a trip and enjoy your drink and help the environment.

Dowabo double-walled thermos flask – keeps your drink warm

In the CheapOutdoor assortment you will find the Dowabo double-walled bottles. These stainless steel bottles are durable and do not leak. In the double-walled thermo flasks, your water stays cold for 24 hours or warm for 12 hours. Handy for a hot summer or a cold winter. Take this handy bottle with you when you go for a walk or just when you go to work to keep your drink warm.