CheapOutdoor will provide the best job for it's use in the natural environment. A compact shovel that is not too heavy and not too much space in your backpack. A lot of these outdoor shovels are foldable and easy to store.


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What is a shovel?

A shovel is a tool for creating. In nature you use this, for example, to dig a hole or construct a drainage around your tent. By digging a trench with a shovel you carry the water away from your tent.

Schep: a compact outdoor tool

If you are out in nature and regularly need a shovel, a full spa or a shovel is not very easy to tie onto your backpack. Special outdoor scoops have been devised for this, which is also called pioneer scoop.

An outdoor shovel must be compact and have a low weight. Nobody wants to carry a heavy shovel all day on a trip in his backpack. These special outdoor shovels are small in size and foldable at most, so they really take up little space. Usually supplied with a nice bag where the scoop can easily be stored.