List of products by brand Turbat

Turbat: made by travelers

The Ukrainian outdoor brand Turbat was founded in 2014 to make outdoor equipment that was close to the people who used these equipment. The first years Turbat has built up fame within his own country and after 8 years they have started to make the rest of the world known with this brand.

Turbat: Made by Travelers

Turbat thinks it's important to let everything be as it really is. Sometimes wet, dirty, too hot or it takes too long, but despite everything you enjoy the thrill of all the new things you see and it is impressive. Maybe things don't go as you see on Instagram, the weather wasn't so nice and everything didn't go according to plan, but that's traveling!

We won't look like heroes in our travel photos, but we do have interesting stories to tell about what we saw, who we met and what we learned. Turbat is made to persevere and boldly explore the world around us. You take Turbat clothing and equipment to explore the planet, experience adventures and marvel at all the beauty of nature in the world.

Built to be reliable: Turbat

Because the people of Turbat know what is important during a long journey, Turbat stands for versatility and reliability. Quality does not mean driving more sales to consumers, but refocusing on a nature-responsible lifestyle, discovering and developing the brand through travel. Major brand materials are used such as leading eco-responsible suppliers such as Polartec®, Toray® or Primaloft®.