CheapOutdoor offers an extensive range of high-quality rain ponchos, ideal for walkers or cyclists who are not stopped by a sudden rain shower. A waterproof poncho is an indispensable item in your equipment, because it quickly protects you from precipitation, while still allowing you to move comfortably.


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What is a rain poncho?

An outdoor poncho is usually a square piece of waterproof material with an opening for your head. This allows a rain poncho to be quickly pulled over you, immediately protecting you against a sudden rain shower. A waterproof poncho is also often made in such a way that it also has a hood, so that your head stays dry during the rain.

Waterproof ponchos: Always prepared for bad weather.

With a lightweight hiking poncho you are always prepared for unexpected bad weather during your outdoor adventures. Thanks to the compact packaging, you can easily take the poncho with you in your bag, so that you can use it immediately from the first drops. The spacious design of hiking ponchos not only keeps you dry, but also protects your backpack from the rain. In addition, some rain ponchos are equipped with eyes, with which you can create a shelter with the help of rope. This is often used by people who are involved in bushcraft or are enthusiasts of camping with minimal materials.

Durable and versatile outdoor ponchos

The rain ponchos we sell at CheapOutdoor are designed with durability and versatility in mind. For example, many of our models are made of ripstop material, which makes the waterproof poncho extra sturdy. This means that even if you accidentally get caught on something, the poncho will not tear easily. Moreover, our ponchos are one size, making them suitable for everyone.