In CheapOutdoor you can buy the best lunch box for work or for a trip. If you like your food on the go to take, it is a great lunch box solution. A lunch box will keep your food fresh for a longer period. The box can, at a later time, or enjoy tasty fresh food.


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What is a lunch box?

A lunch box is a box in which you can store your food. In this lunch box your food stays fresh for longer and by using a lunch box you pollute the environment a lot less than with all loose plastic bags. A lunch box prevents a crushed sandwich in your bag.

Lunch box: delicious fresh food a few hours later

If you take your food to work or school on a daily basis or just into nature during a day out, a lunch box is perfect. The box is sturdy, so you don't have a nurse apple in your bag or a crushed sandwich.

In addition to the standard lunch boxes, there are also the Greentravelers that are divided into different compartments. With this you can for example also bring a salad that stays nice and fresh or fresh pieces of fruit.

Both the lunch boxes and Greentravelers are available in various fun colors so that you can choose your own color for the whole family.