Extremities gloves, new in our range-innovative protection for your hands

Ok, ok I know we are already almost out of season again, but yes we can't resist. New beautiful brands always attract our attention. Similarly Extremities which we were presented with on a silver platter. And yes, you are at the end of the season, but we can always make a first start order.

So last week we got a small box of gloves and gaiters to start with. Nice quality and also very cool I found the set Paradox, this time only the mittens, but also the normal gloves they have made in this model, which you can make so small and take with you.

When you go outside in winter, whether you go hiking, running or skiing, your hands get cold first. For that, we have found the Extrimities brand that has been known for many years for its high quality gloves and that also offer protection in the most extreme conditions. The brand has a perfect glove for every activity.

If you are looking for high quality gloves offering protection, comfort and performance during all your outdoor adventures, look further into our range of Extremities.

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