Winter sleeping bag

Looking for a sleeping bag for the winter? For a winter sleeping bag for adults CheapOutdoor is the right place. A winter sleeping bag is specially made to keep you warm in very cold conditions. Because of the very low comfort temperature you can see which winter sleeping bag is suitable for your trip.

Winter sleeping bag

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Why a hibernation bag?

To properly regulate the temperature of your body, there are different sleeping bags for every season. You can well imagine that a winter sleeping bag that can be suitable down to -40 ° C is not suitable for use in the summer. For that you have a summer sleeping bag that is less thick and has comfort temperatures that are above freezing. With a sleeping bag for the winter you are assured that it will sleep comfortably, even when the temperature drops well below freezing point.

Winter sleeping bag: warm outside in winter

Sleeping outside at low temperatures is almost impossible without a winter sleeping bag. The sleeping bags for the winter offered by CheapOutdoor can be used well below freezing. Within the range of our winter sleeping bags for adults you will almost only come across mummy sleeping bags . With these sleeping bags you lie tight in them so that no cold air can pass along your body. However, there are also some blanket sleeping bags that can be used below freezing.

The sleeping bags for the winter are not suitable for use in the summer, these sleeping bags insulate so well that it is uncomfortable in the summer.

Down sleeping bag; ideal for retaining heat

The winter sleeping bags for adults in our range often consist of a filling of goose down which retains the heat optimally, this is not desirable in the hot summers. With most down sleeping bags, there is also a possibility to have a small hole at your head with a drawstring to allow you to breathe and to be able to sleep wonderfully warm in the open air in the winter. At CheapOutdoor you will find the perfect down winter sleeping bag with which you can go on an adventure!