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Highlander is a Scottish manufacturer's instructions for all outdoor activities such as backpacking, hiking, camping, skiing, hiking, trekking, etc.). The company was founded in the 80's. At that time, it was the outdoors as a costly occupation. Highlander thought otherwise, it should be accessible!

Highlander: Founded by outdoor enthusiasts, for outdoor enthusiasts

Highlander founder Bahram Golzari has always had a fondness for exploring the mountains of Scotland, which he and his family still have to this day. Wonderful backpacking in the Scottish Highlands. All employees have a lasting love for the outdoors in their own way. This passion is reflected in the products that are delivered. The various samples that come in are claimed by the employees to do a field test on the weekends.

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A large part of the Highlander Outdoor collection can be found at Are you looking for a backpack for backpacking or a jacket to stay warm? We are happy to help you with the right equipment.

Both Highlander Outdoor and hope that the equipment we provide will enable you to take on new challenges and adventures and push yourself to try new things wherever you are.

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