At CheapOutdoor you will find the best offer thermos. A thermos flask or thermos flask is great for on the go. During your trip it is nice to stop and enjoy the surroundings and your thermos of warm drink.


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What is a thermos flask?

A thermos or thermos is a bottle with a double wall with stagnant air in between with a vacuum. This ensures that your drink stays nice and warm or nice and cold in the summer. A thermos is great to have with you while walking.

Theme jug: a delicious drink for the road

Walking in the winter or with the hot days? With both a thermos or thermos flask is the handy bottle to take with you. In the winter, a thermokan or thermos can ensure that your drink stays nice and warm, and in the summer it keeps your drink nice and cool.

A thermos flask or flask is also widely used to take to work. Lying just a little longer makes you have to hurry and then skip your hot coffee or tea is of course a shame. With a thermos or thermos flask you can simply take your hot drink with you and you can enjoy it on the way and wake up with a hot drink.

In our assortment we have thermos flasks, thermos flasks and thermos cups with a capacity between 350 ml and 1100 ml. This allows you to take a wonderful walk and still enjoy the drink that you would like to take with you on the road, whether you opt for hot or cold.