List of products by brand Garsport

Garsport: Trekking, mountain and safety shoes

The Italian brand Garsport was founded in 1972 to make mountain shoes. Over the years, the company has developed visibility in multiple production areas such as everyday outdoor shoes, safety shoes, trekking shoes, etc. They supply many beautiful and technical hiking shoes on which you can make beautiful trips.

Garsport: Quality and durability

Garsport is a brand that, with its Italian design, always takes into account the needs of the market and the different technical requirements of products. The hiking and trekking shoes are developed for every kind of use and to be comfortable and versatile.

The quality of the products is one of the most important principles of the Garsport philosophy. Always looking for new materials and constant control of the production process takes place every day in Garsport's production facilities. As a result, the brand has excellent quality standards and strong durability, which is very nice for hiking boots during robust use.

Italian design; Garsport

In the Garsport range you will find beautiful colors and the beautiful Italian design. But also certainly if you have seen the shoes in real life, the quality and durability of the shoes. With years of experience, this brand has established itself as a brand that is known among many mountaineers, hikers, etc.